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seilah pyramid

HERISHEF HenenNesu Sacred Temple by Antoine Gigal

Herishef’s name means “He Who is Upon His Lake.” The meaning of Herishef’s name identifies Him as a primordial deity, and as a God of purification, the vital inundation of the Nile, agricultural fertility, and rebirth. It also indirectly explains how Herishef came to have His lake at Henen-nesu, later called Herakleopolis Magna by the Hellenes, which was Herishef’s chief cult center...
seilah pyramid


A walk in Tanis ancient Djanet in the Egyptian Nile delta, capital at one time of the whole country. A very important city because the nearest ports to the Asiatic sea border. With the decline of Egypt’s Asiatic empire in the late 20th dynasty, the capital was shifted from Per Ramessu, and the 21st dynasty pharaohs made Tanis their capital.
seilah pyramid

Seilah Pyramid

A walk and a climbing in South Fayum, to find the small pyramid of Seilah, 3rd Dynasty, Pharaoh Huni (2637-2613 BC) on top of the Gebel el Rus. It is a four-step pyramid, made of limestone and is oriented 12° north-west. It is built with an angle of 51°.

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