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On the road:
A lot of work November 2009

"Autumn is really for me a period of intensive work. In December my two last articles will be released in the French newspapers: one about the ancient city of Karanis in Fayum, and on the importance and the reason of its sacred crocodile cult (in the review "L'Egypte"); the other one dealing with "the Incubation of dreams in Egyptian medicine and the Sphinx" (in the magazine "Sacrée Planète"). And in January, a new article on Saqqara will be released in Top Secret. I've been working a lot since my last lecture in London: I would like to publish three books in 2010, it's in working progress ! Without mentioning my current research on the second sphinx; I go back to Egypt in December, to see once again the teams of geologists on the premises. This month I'm going back to Sicily to prepare an event around the Sicilian Pyramids for next year. It is already possible to register for my next trip to Giza, open to all of you. Don't forget to have a look at this article on the Great Pyramid, sent to me by Egyptian officials so that I could publish it especially for you: Please also join the association, to participate in any way you wish to all the projects and to the edification of this very young but promising structure !Besides, everyday I put new texts and pictures for you on my Facebook page; there you can see my colleagues' and friends' commentaries, as well as participate yourself. I write there in three languages, since there are about 500 foreigners who visit this page every day.(Go on and type Antoine Gigal). I hope to make your winter a bit warmer thanks to plenty of fascinating news very soon." 


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