Tuesday 16 July 2024
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On the road:

This month of July 2009 I have lit
a candle with the hope that one day you will all be coming
(or coming back) here to Egypt ! Enjoy your holidays !
A candle in Egypt july 2009

"By constantly coming back to Egypt for a good number of years now, I realize that even in those sites I have visited thousands of times, there are always more things to discover... For example, Giza Plateau, where people from all over the world ceaselessly travel, still contains hidden, in my humble opinion, around 80% of it structures that are not yet discovered, or that are ill-understood. In the review "L'Egypte" I have already explained about all the structures standing behind the Sphinx, that are never mentioned but raise such important questions. And in the picture at the bottom, you can discern rocky outcrops in Giza, that few of you would be able to see closely, since they are located in a prohibited area. If one observes these "rocks" a bit better, one notices that they are surrounded by, and full of, structures made of stone slabs... Which means very important structures lay below... I will soon write an article about it, with many pictures, where I will explicate my thesis on huge and very ancient dikes protecting the site of Giza... This reinforces my discoveries concerning the site during the floods."


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