Sunday 26 May 2024
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On the road:

Gigal in front of one of the Sicilian pyramids that have escaped destruction.
Impressions in Sicilia

"The research trip in Sicily went really well and the results go way beyond our first expectations.
More than twenty lava stone pyramids have been discovered around the Etna volcano; at least 18
of them had never been classified nor photographied before, given the difficulties of access.
I will be happy to write a long article on these structures, perfectly similar to the pyramids in
Mauritius and Tenerife. I could identify different kinds of these pyramids, and without doubt the
reason of their localization around the volcano, thanks to the help given by a physicist from GH's
team (
These are impressive new discoveries, that will probably unveil the high level of knowledge of the
Universe possessed by some of our Ancestors. Now adays we can barely
reach this level, in spite of our numerous artificial devices. Make sure you keep yourself updated !

Another one of the numerous Sicilian pyramids;
We still see its steps in spite of the attempts to detroy it.

Gigal Research 2013 - 2015