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Gigal in Bosnia, in front of Visoko Pyramid, with a young goat Impressions from Sarajevo
Impressions from SARAJEVO

"When you think that there is a giant pyramid in the heart of Europe (in Visoko, 30km North of Sarajevo) and that hundreds of scientific studies have been carried out by experts, all showing the reality of this construction... (Geo-Archaeological evaluations of the site: September/October 2005, Dr Nukic, Dr Smailbegovic. Geological reports. Aerial photography. Geological, sedimentary,mineralogical analysis. Analysis of satellite imagery and radar topography: Dr Smailbegovic, panchromatic pictures and topographical network, December 2005, with Canadian system Radarsat, NASA's Hyperion system and American systems Landsat-Etm and Aster, and use of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. Geophysical analyses, orientation to the points of the compass. Satellite thermal analyses. Detection of linear anomalies. Geodesic and topographical analyses. Fluvial Geomorphology. Analyses of stones and samples) And that the one who discovered it, Dr Osmanagic, has been disparaged, slandered, disregarded, in spite of his perfectly remarkable work... A work that I could observe with my own eyes (about thirty open excavation sites, hundreds of metres of secure tunnels, 500,000 visitors in three years, a colossal effort, hundreds of press conferences, of lectures, of archaeological campaigns with scores of academic experts !...) and that WE RARELY SPEAK ABOUT IT, IF AT ALL... !!!
When you see that just a simple article I wrote on the Mauritian Pyramids (c.f. without doubt revealing a prestigious past for this island, creates a significant agitation, and that my words are distorted, cut, replaced, calumniated after a 25min phone interview that the paper (L'Express, Mauritius) not only does not reproduces, but transforms into a nasty rag (they are not aware that I possess the integral audio recording of the interview: I record everything), to such a point that one wonders if this paper has ever heard of journalism ethics, of intellectual honesty, of plain responsibility...
One has the right to ask: WHY ? Why this rage for wanting to conceal, to destroy the extraordinary work of our remote Ancestors ?... You may think about it, but meanwhile you can prove your world citizenship, your belonging to living Humanity, by going to Visoko (Bosnia), to Mauritius to notice for yourself the true existence of these pyramids, or to contribute to our research and efforts !"In Sarajevo, Gigal with Dr OsmanagicIn Dr Osmanagic's office Help us by becoming a member, joining our association: www.  


A Sarajevo, Gigal avec le Dr Osmanagic

Dans le bureau du Dr Osmanagic

Gigal Research 2013 - 2015