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On the road:
Conférence :"Giza for Humanity" in Paris, 03/28/2009 March 2009 

"The first event organized by the Association GH (www.gizaforhumanity.org) went perfectly well, a real success; you were quite a few attending from 7 to 11pm non stop ! We even struggled to have the audience leave at the end, everyone wanted it to carry on ! After my speech (with three videos on the Serapeum, Hawara's quays and Abu Rawash), we had the pleasure to hear our foreign guests: Jan Peter de Jong (from Holland), who spoke about Peruvian Alfredo Camara's theory on planet Earth's three periods with their different gravities. During the oldest ones, this would have allowed the easy transport of heavy stones, as well as the stones' modelling and vitrification. In fact when I invited Jan Peter during the Amsterdam lecture I was struck by the similitude between the vitrified and modelled Peruvian stones and those found both in the cave under Cheops Pyramid and in the one under Dashur Red Pyramid; it was interesting to compare the pictures... Then Rosalba Nattero and Giancarlo Barbadoro (from Italy), along with a beautiful video, spoke about the "myth" of Phaethon, the son of the Sun with his carriage. This myth is told all over the world, including in ther native land of Piemont, where it is linked with the discovery of a very ancient Celtic city near Turin, buried in the forest. Then we had Stephan Mussard to whom I had asked to go and take pictures of the seven Pyramids in Mauritius; I had authenticated them by finding their exact similitude with Tenerife Pyramids...

They were right in front of everyone but nobody was noticing them ! (cf my article on www.gizaforhumanity.org/ then : other pyramids, then Mauritius Island). A fascinating field work... Afterwards thirty of us went for a very late supper with the lecturers, in a nice, warm and cosy restaurant. It all joyfully ended at around 3am. And very soon we will prepare next year's event with some international independant Egyptologists, all of them references in that sphere. Great authors, who have already accepted my invitation to come to Paris.

Thanks to you all ! But don't forget a key element: for it to be financially possible, we need you to become members of the Association ! (cf on the Giza website)"


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