Monday 15 April 2024
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On the road:
Gigal in Abusir's area February 2009

"Up until now... It was said that the most ancient ceramics could not date from before the Neolithic... But this is forgetting the Venus of Dolni Vestonice (Moravia, Czech Republic), which is much older, as it dates from at least 15,000 years earlier (made by Homo Sapiens during the Paleolithic, more than 25,000 years ago...!)
The mainstream certitudes and beliefs have been forced to change...

Up until now... In Egypt, the area stretching between the Sphinx and the second Pyramid on Giza Plateau was thought to have emerged under the 4th Dynasty (2,375 - 2,405 BC). But if you read my next article in "l'Egypte" magazine (issue 14) you will see that reknown geologists are discovering that monuments belonging to the 4th Dynasty could actually just be "encased" by juxtaposition in much older structures, maybe even Predynastic ones...
The rest of the old mainstream certitudes will have to change.

Up until now... It was thought impossible for a very ancient civilization to build concrete. Yet the last results from Bosnia Herzegovina University Laboratory have just proven that some stones in Visoko Pyramid, without doubt coming from a civilization called "Vinca" (6,000 - 3,000 BC, Dr Marija Gimbutas), are built out of a concrete-cement much harder than the one we are able to make today, with more than 100 Mpa ! This cement is an agglomerate of gravels, hydrated lime, calcite, and water, which could also serve to make a malleable stone used to manufacture moulds ( This confirms formidable Professor Davidovits' work in Egypt on the Pyramids, which he has already been carrying out for years, and his theory of re-agglomerated stone (concrete), treated limestone...

We are witnessing big changes in the way things are seen, we are living a fascinating period when the Truth is gradually being revealed."


Vénus de Dolni Vestonice in Moravie
Pyramid in Bosnia, Visoko

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