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STRANGE IMPRESSIONS: Planets Dance, 2012, etc..! January 2009

Last December (2008), I was watching this outstanding Sufi dancer on the Nile's banks. He was showing us his soul-stirring art: the Dance of our Solar System's planets, followed by the phenomena called the precession of the equinoxes, and many other things. Seeing all this, I was inevitably drawn to think about the surprises constantly brought about by the Present and the Future.

As for the Present, I had just seen my picture on the "celebrities" wall in the Egyptologists and explorers' club in Giza, next to the portraits of Temple, Bauval, Hancock, Hawass and Obama! What a combination!

And regarding the Future, as I am always asked to share my thoughts on the Mayan calendar (though I'm not a specialist), as well as on the date (fateful for some people) of December 2012, I had to state things clearly. First of all, some people mix up the 17 Mayan calendars and the different Aztec calendars (I spare you very long explanations). Just be aware that the Mayan calendar everyone speaks about is called Tzlk'in (one among the existing 17) based on the Pleiades Cycle mentioned in the Mayan sacred book Popol Vuh.
However there are several big problems, one of which being that no one really agrees on the starting point of this calendar! Therefore how could one work out exactly when it is supposed to end!! There can be differences of the order of hundreds of years. It is also important to know that the calculations are based on 6 very different steles (Chiapa de Corso, Tres Zapotes, El Baul, Abaj Takalik, La Mojarra, Tuxtla, Tikal), because they indicate several datings of events; some of these steles aren't even Mayan but antecedent to that epoch: Olmec and Izapan steles (the translation might thus be different). Furthermore the glyph translation and the Mayan syntax are very complex (the present Maya strongly criticize the way we read and interprete them); the Mayan numeric charts have complicated cycles, based on a vigesimal system (base-twenty) and only referring to the B'ak'tun periods (but the Piktun, Kalabtun, K'inchiltun and Alautun periods are never mentioned, when they are sometimes above the Baktuns (therefore longer periods, involving what and until when??!!). Besides there is the matter of correlations between the Julian and Gregorian calendars. You have to know there exist 14 different correlations for the Mayan date of creation calculated in a Julian calendar (eg: Willson, Goodman, Thompson correlations, etc...
Which one to choose!!!???). All this data is very random in order to seriously feed a computer. Moreover, it is very strange the 21st of October 4772 is never mentioned, even though it appears in the current calculation system on this Mayan calendar. Yes, this date is written down as a celebration time, way after December 2012... On the Tablet of Inscriptions from Palenque... So anyway they didn't think the world would end in 2012!!!

Are people taken for fools? Why to create so much fear?
2012 merely is the beginning of yet another journey cycle for our planet... But a cycle when we will rise towards the centre of our galaxy, for the first time in ages. This is what is so important to understand, we are finally going back to the central light of our galaxy, after centuries of dark ages, of fall and moving away from our galactic heart. This is what they want us to forget... We are living a decisive and incredible time concerning the reversal of false values... And at the end of 2012, the Earth will at last begin a new rise for a very long period... It is up to us to transform the negative from the Past into something positive, and to try to repair, transmute and regain a very needed joy.
Happy New Year to you all !

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