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My LOVE for ALL EGYPT(end of January 2011)

Dear friends I will speak about my beloved Egypt of to day because  a lot of you are asking me with the events.
As you know I am in Egypt from 20 years now and I think I know much more villages and sites and families than even a lot of Egyptians. I always felt secure and also to day , I have personal strong friendship with all kind of people and executives. They always help me the more possible, I am beloved by all the kinds of Egyptians and they always take much care of me and of all my friends, because I understand them from a long time, I share with them a lot and we have mutual high respect. So I want to highlight some important points the medias are not telling  abroad: We are in Egypt in a year of Presidential elections in September : so it's normal politics is in the first rank to day in Egypt with a lot of events, big manifestations(Egyptians use to go in the streets, they burned everything in 1953,1976 etc in the center of Cairo) , because mainly the prices of first food is becoming higher and people don't want to continue with a 82 years old President and corruption.
But we have to take care of not mixing two completely different situations:Tunisia is 163km2 (alikeGeorgia state) Egypt is: 10.100Km2(alike Texas state+New Mexico)...Tunisia have 10 Millions of people, Egypt have 80Millions...In Egypt the unemployment is mainly due to the quick overpopulation in a few years and living in only a very small portion of the territory (And even though the unemployment rate is less than in France or States), despite the natality control campaigns it is common to have 7 or 8 children by family!. .. 65% of the population is very young and they are arriving all together to get a job...they think that unemployment is only in Egypt despite we have high rate everywhere on the planet now...From many years I see people insulting publicly the President and they are not arrested, a big difference with Tunisia. You have more than  8 democratic politic  parties in the opposition in Egypt represented in the parliament (in Tunisia you had none). And opposition is very vivid(just see parliament session on egyptian TV).
The last terrorism act in Alexandria was done by foreigners and you had dead people from both religions, you had manifestations of Muslims with Christians hand by hand ...I feel that some force is fanning flames.... Also Egypt army is strong and beloved by the population because in every family you have mournings from the last recent war of 1973 (a very different situation from Tunisia) ...Of course big needed changes are in the road...corruption must be fight and that's for good but the danger if wise people are not going to be in charge... is to get a worst situation...because facing reality (illusion is an incredible bug factor) any president winning the future elections will not be able to stop unemployment  for example... and extremists are wanting the power. Anyway knowing egyptians as I know them i feel very confident for the Future, their wiseness, open mind and sweetness will find a good way to operate changes... My Love is for all Egypt for ever...

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