Sunday 26 May 2024
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Message from the Egyptian TA people:
Message from the Egyptian TA people, Guardians of the Tree of Light which has its roots in the neither world, Keepers of the Sacred Oral Tradition from :TAMery our beloved Egypt met by Antoine Gigal the 3rd of July2013

«In Light we said, (3 times) : Dragon is trying to devour the reflecting Love of the Lunar Light, the essence of the feminine and the splendor of Ra. There is no soul in the dragon of darkness. No soul, no heart in a body means : lack of understanding, lack of intelligence. The dragon of darkness is trying to attack the Tree of Life. But at the center of all land areas, all already emerged lands on this planet in beloved TaMery, the battle for victory started. The battle for love, understanding and intelligence. BaTa : the soul of Life in the Earth, the Title of the Sun that rises again, the Title of younger Horus is never defeated. BaTa the soul of Life will shine again in Egypt after 9 months and in all the world after step by step. Never be overcome by sadness or passivity. Let your heart and soul pray in bliss." Message collected by Antoine Gigal

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