Tuesday 16 July 2024
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On the road:
Breakfast in front of Presidency in Cairo

In this picture I am taking my breakfast early in the morning in front of the Itihadiya Presidential palace in Cairo, Heliopolis, with demonstrators doing a sit-in for days and having installed tents on the opposite sidewalk of the Presidency.
Violently attacked several times when they were asleep, they still continue. Numerous clashes and serious incidents whole month of January are the true mark of a deep malaise in Egyptian society that no longer support the autocratic power. A new inconsistent constitution insulting whole sections of the population including women, attacks on freedom of the press, too much collusion with foreign influence and errors in Economics and Communication are not to reassure the Egyptians and they see the difference with the past and suffer of each anti democratic footsteps the lack of important reforms very necessary for the people's everyday lives. Another very important factor to understand about Egypt is that three-quarters of Egyptians are under 50 years old ; more than half are under 30. Once excluded from politics, this majority is now central to it and power will have to deal with it...

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