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"If there is a book to be read for more information on the Denderah zodiac, it is that of Alexander N.Isis" > Read the preface to Antoine Gigal.
images of heaven "Egypt: Image of Heaven", by the Dutchman Willem H. Zitman engineer is a fabulous book.
Engineering marvel of the author about his findings on the space-time by an Egyptian mapping work remarkable.
A pioneering book, my favorite of the moment. Published by Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008.
the canopus revelation "The Canopus Revelation" written by Philip Coppens revisits the essence of Osiris and intelligently linked to the constellation of Orion Canopus instead. Finally a fair and deep understanding. Published by Frontier Publishing, 2008
genesis pharao "Genesis of the Pharaohs: Dramatic New discoveries rewrite the origins of That Ancient Egypt" by the talented archaeologist Toby Wilkinson.
While a program for taking the theory of the Ethiopian origin of the ancient Egyptians. Even if I am not entirely agree with is a wonderful book by a great researcher in the field with many documents proto-historic. Thames and Hudson Publishing.

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