Sunday 28 November 2021
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Lecture in Paris « ANCIENNES TECHNOLOGIES & PYRAMIDES » March 28th 2010:
Dr Osmanagic presented all the recent amazing results of different countries labs proving the Visoko hill as a true very old pyramid with success. Pyramid of Visoko, Bosnia
Dr J.A. Bonelli presented evidences that years ago he discovered the existence of a 2nd different humanity on this planet by his own genetic research. Dr Bonelli first slide.
Christopher DUNN just before the conference Engineer Chris Dunn presented evidences by scientific measurements of Denderah Temple that it was built with incredible high Tech.
Gigal work about hydraulic systems in Fayum and Giza in Egypt. Gigal founder of Giza for Humanity.
Gigal work slide about her research in Egypt Gigal slide: in front of the Etna volcano during her research about the Sicilian pyramids she discovered with her team.
All the lecturers at the end: Chris Dunn, Gigal,Dr Bonelli, Dr Osmanagic

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