Saturday 15 June 2024
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Newsletter 11: Denderah Eye
Denderah Eye
You can see on the ceiling where there is the blue color a huge  round Mirror with Inside the Eye of Ra and Thot-Tehuti beside, watching it . The meaning of this is that mirrors were everyday used Inside the darker parts of the temples in order to reflect the sunny light of Ra everywhere. This was a very strong symbol.The eye of Ra means the Sunny light going everywhere, it is to say : the knowledge and Thot is the one by who all this happens. Thot is the responsible for the coming of Ra on earth by the way of a technology (the Mirror), he is responsible for the coming on Earth of the divine knowledge (the light) by a special process of attraction (reflection by Mirror) adapted to the conditions on the earth(density,gravity). Mirroring the divine, he got for Egypt all the process of knowledge.
oeil de Denderah
Inside Denderah temple (Photo©Antoine Gigal 2011)

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