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Researcher and Author in egyptology. Antoine Gigal is for 20 years working in Egypt, knowing the most remote archaeological sites. She published  hundreds of articles in French, English, Italian, Dutch and did a lot of lectures worldwide as well as international radio shows. Her goal is to reveal the comprehensive, fascinating vision that suddenly comes into focus when one is able to understand Egypt as a whole. She likes to work mainly with geologists and engineers. Ancient Egypt holds in her point of view, the secret of secrets because it has been the depositary of mysteries concerning humankind for a long time and there are quite a lot of things to elucidate. With the help of academic sources, very necessary in order to find the original texts and translations she works again, and with excavation reports, thesis and books in several languages and facing the reality of the fieldwork, the « terrain », because it is necessary to efficiently compare and immerse oneself in the sites, she is trying to discover the true
legacy left by the ancient egyptians for the benefit of humanity. She not only use to come back dozen of times in a same site to compare Geology, hydrology, ancient maps and to day satellite views but she also works with an indispensable element that many scientists ignore too often the famous oral tradition that still endures on the African continent.
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With Maia for ever... by Antoine Gigal Published December 28th, 2015
That morning, the wind of the great Egyptian Ancestors was strongly blowing at my ears, the wind which is said that it is responsible for their messages, their will, their blessings, as I walked in the sand of Sakkara... I had an impossible desire to achieve but curiously I already knew that it would be accessible, that it could not be otherwise... >>> Read more
Pharaoh's Crown and the Hero of the Primitive Sea by Antoine Gigal Published June 16th, 2015
What surprises me a lot is that hardly anyone has questions or answers on the crown of the pharaohs, while these crowns not only had the reputation of having magical properties but none of them have been discovered so far…>>> Read more
When Kore/Persephone was gathering flowers at ENNA, Sicily by Gigal (Thoughts) Published July 15th, 2014
I really like to think that in the same place than in the Past,where the young maiden Kore was picking flowers with her playmates: the nymphs in a meadow near Enna, Sicily, in that precise place where she was abducted by Hades to the underworld... >>> Read more
The Sanctuary of the Sycamore of Life in Ancient Egypt Published April 10th, 2014
In my path inside the whole of Egypt for twenty years, a tree always caught my attention and I've never even dared to touch it because it inspired me such respect mingled with astonishment... >>> Read more
Happy New Year 2014! The Past Is In Front Of You... The Future Is Behind You Published Jan 4th, 2014
HERE and now", "Back in the 1960s","Going forward"... Western languages are full of spatial metaphors for time, Most of us describe the future as ahead or in front of us, and the past as behind us. >>> Read more
The angels are with Egypt Published Dec 26th, 2013
The ANGELS are with EGYPT - MIRACLES of Every day LIFE in EGYPT >>> Read more
The Cairo Museum today Published Dec 4th, 2013
Tahrir Square is considered as the birthplace of the Egyptian revolution, and the museum is like a thermometer:"It gets affected by the political situation at the square," said Sayed Amer, the director of the Egyptian Museum, >>> Read more
Message from the egyptians Published Sept 4th, 2013
Message from the Egyptian TA people, Guardians of the Tree of Light which has its roots in the neither world, Keepers of the Sacred Oral Tradition from : TAMery our beloved Egypt met by Antoine Gigal the 3rd of July 2013>>> Read more
radio gigal ANTOINE GIGAL Interview Developments from Egypt Published June 14th, 2013
Topics: Developments from Egypt: Research from the Shifting Sands. - How is Egypt situation today? How is Archaeology today in Egypt? What is the Future for Egypt? Gigal's research in the Emirates: what she is doing? What is her discoveries? What are her goals? What are / or / what has been her difficulties? Why Ancient Egypt is so important?>>> Read more
The Mysterious Caves of the Sultanate of Oman & the Arabian Leopards The Mysterious Caves of the Sultanate of Oman & the Arabian Leopards by Antoine Gigal Published June 6th, 2013
Very rare and precious wonders are found in one of my favourite place in the Arabian peninsula in the magnificent still preserved Sultanate of Oman... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal THE SPHINXES of SHEBA by Antoine Gigal Published April 25th, 2013
In the mysterious Kingdom of Sheba/Saba mentioned by many sacred books (1) and different ancient authors, was found years ago , an incredible bronze altar depicting rows of sphinxes... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal Seti 1st Tomb's seal by Antoine Gigal Published March 18th, 2013
Here it is the seal on the tomb of Seti first :the scarab and the ram headed Energy of Khnum. The scarab : Khepri Khepera "He who comes to life" as the Bearer of the Rising Sun who was originally ... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal Responsability in mastering Destiny in Ancient Egyptian iconography, text by Antoine Gigal Published february 23rd, 2013
Two fish were very powerful symbols in ancient Egypt and as I often repeat the simple iconography of ancient Egypt has far more knowledge than it looks. The representation of these two fish and their .... >>> Read more
experiment antoine gigal Trying to find again an Ancient Egyptian Tech: an experiment I did, by AntoineGigal©2009-2012 Published february 23rd, 2013
An Experiment I did in a lab environnement of a friend to find again a technique I think was used in ancient Egypt for copper plating of statues. For that I built a gravity pile they could have created with ... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal The Mystery of the Sokar-Hennu boat by Antoine Gigal Published february 8th, 2013
On the day of the festival of Soker, acoffer was lifted off at the moment of sunrise by the High Priest of Memphis, and carried in a procession circling the temple of the deity. This represented the common rotational... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal The star's path for Tutankhamun in a folding chair by Antoine Gigal Published february 8th, 2013
In a country where sand is everywhere the folding chair was considered one of the most important furniture in Ancient Egypt. Not only because it was transported around by the Egyptian army... >>> Read more
offering antoine gigal The offerings of Pharaoh at Esna Temple text by Antoine Gigal Published Nov 19th, 2012
Looking at the column I am watching in the picture, you will say: « I see a Pharaoh offering a branch of flowers and three geese or ducks to a god ... it's nice... » and after... >>> Read more
hathor and nebheru HATHOR and NEBHERU Published Oct 17th, 2012
All of this occurred after the death of Horus’ father Osiris fragmented into pieces . In all ancient Egyptian texts referring to ancient times we speak of the eye "associated with the word planet".>>> Read more
karnak The Mut temple in Karnak and its moon shaped lake Published Apr 28th, 2012
The Godess Mut was a fierce defender of Egypt and had a human and a feline form. And she was known also as protective mother.>>> Read more
giant blue eye The Mystery of the Giant Blue Eye of Africa in Mauritania Published Apr 5th, 2012
The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara or blue eye of Africa, is a prominent geological circular feature in the Sahara desert in Mauritania near Ouadane. it is nearly 50 kilometers across and very visible from space.>>> Read more
The Great Many Secrets of the forgotten city of Gonur Published Feb 9, 2012
In the Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC), you can find in this Bronze Age culture of Central Asia, dating: 2300–1700 BC, and located in the present day Turkmenistan,>>> Read more
Pythagoras,Egypt & Music of the Spheres Published Jan 17, 2012
The Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, said :“There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres.>>> Read more
Head of leopard from Tutankhamon tomb Published Dec 28, 2011
This head of a leopard was discovered with many others in the antechamber of the young King TutAnkhAmon (He reigned for 10 years and died at the age of 19 (1341-1323 BC)) tomb with his ceremony wardrobe.>>> Read more
Remains of the harbor at the foot of the Sphinx temple Published Dec 23rd, 2011
The Egyptian geologists located a possible harbor at the foot of the Sphinx temple and Khafra valley temple in 1978. In1994 the digs were showing first >>> Read more
Some good news about the recently burnt Scientific Institute of Egypt Published Dec 23rd, 2011
I am very happy of that following good news and I am less sad now :The Sultan Mohammed Al-Qasimi III, of the Sharja Emirate, has declared that >>> Read more
May 4th – 14th 2012 Sacred Sites Journeys & Ancient Mysteries Explained Published Nov 3rd, 2011
Fayum lake and hydraulic systems – Hawara Pyramid – Illahun Pyramid – Lahun – Meidum Pyramid – Dashur – Bent Pyramid – Red Pyramid – Golden Temple of Qasr es Sagha – Memphis – Sakkara – Serapeum – Abusir – Abu Ghurab – Giza three pyramids – Sphinx – boat pits – boat museum – Nazlet el Saman – Cairo museum – Saladin Citadel – Mokkatam. >>>Read more
The Menkaura Stellar Observatory Report I Published Tue Oct 11, 2011
A fascinating discovery at the Menkaura megalithic temple(MT), sheds a new light on the amazing technical, mathematical and geometrical knowledge the Ancient Egyptians possessed. >>>Read more
Antoine Gigal on Blogtalk Radio Published Mon Oct 10, 2011
Don't miss the last interview of Antoine Gigal on Blog talk Radio.>>>Link to the interview We will ask Antoine about the Egyptian "Elixer of Life," the subject of her upcoming book.
Denderah Eye Published Wed sept 21, 2011
You can see on the ceiling where there is the blue color a huge  round Mirror with Inside the Eye of Ra and Thot-Tehuti beside, watching it . The meaning of this is that mirrors were everyday ...>>> Read
Antoine Gigal was named Author of the month on Graham Hancock website Published Fri July 8, 2011
Please join them to comment deep questions and answers about ancient Egypt all this month of July. Come to the forum : www.grahamhancock.com/phorum/ (log in and then just wait to a confirmation e-mail and then you will be able to comment too)
ANTOINE GIGAL on GIZA SECRETS REVEALED Pt.2: Published Mon May 16, 2011
The Latest Archaeological Developments from Egypt: Listen here
Lectures : Antoine Gigal and Nassim Haramein in Paris Published Mon May 16, 2011
Événement de Giza For Humanity le 3 Juin 2011 de 14h à 21h à La Résidence Internationale de Paris (possibilité de chambres sur place, prendre contact avec la Résidence Internationale de Paris)
Gigal on Voiceamerica Published Apr 6st 2011
This is a special opportunity not to be missed as Peter will discuss with Antoine Gigal aspects of Egyptian and megalithic civilizations never before revealed. Antoine is one of the few people in the world who can translate the Egyptian hieroglyphs directly and she has offered to do some unique research to address some unanswered questions specifically for our show!
Interview not to miss Published Mar 2nd 2011
Interview of the 28 of March 2011 on SA FM RAdio (South African main radio). Direct at 2pm.
ABU RAWASH: A pyramid that was “lost” - and has now been found! Published 01 Jan 2011
The article "ABU RAWASH: A pyramid that was “lost” - and has now been found!" is now translated in English. >>> Read
sovereign mind radio L'interview de Gigal sur Sovereign Mind Radio Published 18 Dec 2010
interview of Gigal by Sovereign Mind Radio about :"The Giza Secrets Chronicles". >>> Listen in English
L'interview de Gigal au Hillary Raimo Show Published 12 Sept 2010
Tonight she discusses ancient Egypt with a twist, elongated skulls, blue lotus, a culture that predates the biblical flood, and more! >>> Listen now
Breaking News Published 23 August 2010
A convincing clue proving that the Giza plateau was once covered by the sea is being studied, along with other evidence of erosion due to saturation by deep water of the surface of the plateau. An echinoid (a type of sea urchin or shallow marine creature) petrified in...>>> To continue
Interview GIZA SECRETS REVEALED Published 12 August 2010
Antoine Gigal discusses her research on ancient Egypt, pyramids around the world, underground activity, subterranean chambers and boat pits on the Giza Plateau. >>> Listen now
Two hours Interview of Gigal on Red Ice Radio Published 10 June 2010
(1st hour of interview available free.) Hour 1: Red Ice Radio Antoine Gigal talking about the Pyramids, ancient Egypt, origins of ancient Egyptians, archaeology today, subterranean network, Western Desert, whales, boat pits, the Ark, the Flood.
Pictures of Gigal's lecture in Cavaillon in south of France Published 6 June 2010
My 3-hour lecture in Cavaillon about my latest discoveries was a success.>>> See the pictures
conférence megalithomania Pictures of the Conference of May, 8/9th 2010 in Glastonbury Published 10 May 2010
The latest Megalithomania conference was a big success thanks to the organization of Hugh Newman and his team. I was very honored to talk with the famous Robert Temple for several hours, and had a nice time with Robert Bauval. >>> Read more.
anciennes technologies et pyramides Pictures of the Conference March 28th 2010 in Paris Published 8 May 2010
Ancient technology and pyramids, ancient technologies in Egypt by the author and engineer Christopher Dunn, the Pyramids of Bosnia by Dr. Osmanagic (...) >>> Read more.
conférence megalithomania Conference May 8/9th 2010 Published May, 7th 2010
AUBREY BURL - Megalithic Observations of Archaeology ROBERT BAUVAL - Black Genesis: The Origins of Egypt, PAUL DEVEREUX - Archaeoacoustics & Altered States, ANDREW COLLINS - Beneath The Pyramids: A Lost World (...) >>> Read more.
conférence megalithomania Pyramids in Sicily Published 7 May 2010
There is a human presence in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean (26,000 km2), from the late Pleistocene. Indeed, on this island located at the crossroads of many civilizations, drawings can be found (...) >>> Read more.

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